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at the San Pietro di Positano

Restaurants at the San Pietro Positano

The San Pietro kitchen has been awarded the most environmentally friendly kitchen in the world. Renovated in early 2016, it has become the talk of the culinary world!

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The kitchen

Digging into 1806 cubic meters of solid rock, It took 54 builders, electricians & engineers working three 24-hour shifts, just five months to complete this one-of-a-kind, 400 sq meter feat of engineering. Designed by Andrea Viacava, all pieces of equipment were custom made in Italy to our unique specifications.

All the equipment functions on electricity and appliances are connected to a computerized system that controls the power output for each machine. This means the entire kitchen uses just a 4th of the electricity that a kitchen of its kind and size would ordinarily use. The air circulating throughout the space is cleaned by a UTA machine (Unity Treatment of Air) which filters & purifies the air. There are no open flames or gas and all of the stoves use induction heating so that surfaces can be cleaned using only vinegar.

Every night at 2:00 AM the entire kitchen is sanitized using ozone, the cleansing system used by NASA space stations & surgery rooms (Ozone is simply air zapped by electricity, so no chemicals are involved in the sanitizing process).

We are proud to be one of the only kitchens in the world where everything – from the breads to the icecream – is homemade. All organic waste is transformed into compost that is used in our gardens.

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