Restaurants & bars

at the San Pietro di Positano

Restaurants at the San Pietro Positano

Il San Pietro’s gardens cover half of the property. Cut into the rock to form 10 leveled terraces, a walk down 400 stone steps will take you through the gardens from the hotel lobby to the beach. We invite you to pick and peck along the way.

The gardens

It takes four gardeners working full time all year round to maintain the San Pietro gardens, growing fruits, vegetables and herbs for both restaurants. Dishes are created according to the seasonal produce. An agronomist studies crop cycles to achieve the perfect ripening period, staggering the planting and harvesting times in order supply the hotel with fresh produce year-round.

The lush bouquets of flowers decorating the hotel lobby, halls & rooms are also carefully cultivated, hand-picked and arranged here. Using only local seeds & produce native to the Amalfi coast, everything grown in the gardens is organically certified.

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