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The “Ape” (Italian for “bee”), is a retro classic, based on its close cousin the Vespa (“wasp”), most commonly used as a lightweight transport vehicle for small merchandise. This Ape, helicoptered onto Il San Pietro’s terrace, was transformed into a mini food truck, the Bee Chic.

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Bee Chic

‘Bee Chic is what happens when street food meets elegance’.

Working eight years at a top hotel’s champagne and oyster bar triggered Alfonso Ferrara’s big idea. Why not combine that same standard of luxury with the easy character of street food? Together with a friend, they kitted out an Ape Piaggio with a refrigerator, ice machine and cooker.

The Bee Chic became an instant hit on the Amalfi Coast. The novel concept featured in popular television food shows and national newspapers, before the three-wheeler made its final flight, to rest on the San Pietro’s iconic cocktail terrace.

The Bee Chic menu offers a fresh mix of light bites from around the world, giving guests a fun alternative to restaurant dining.


Open from 6:00pm – 10:45pm


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