Restaurants & bars

at the San Pietro Hotel

Restaurants at the San Pietro Positano

A unique taste experience: our restaurants will delight your eyes and palate.

Zass Restaurant - Il San Pietro Positano

Zass restaurant

The panoramic Michelin-starred restaurant overlooking the sea, open to the public

Carlino restaurant, Positano

Carlino restaurant

An informal beachside restaurant with fresh local cuisine, open to the public

Cocktail Bar at Il San Pietro Positano

The bars

The scenic Terrace Bar with iconic views of Positano and the chic L’Alcova Bar next to ‘Zass restaurant offer an extensive cocktail menu and drinks selection.



“Where street food meets elegance”; serving light bites on the panoramic terrace.

The kitchen

The most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced kitchen in the world.

chef Alois - Il San Pietro Positano

The chef

Belgian Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker, ISP’s Michelin-starred chef for over twenty years and a passionate photographer.

Gardens at Il San Pietro Positano

The gardens

100% organic, the gardens cover half of the San Pietro property on ten leveled terraces.

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