Dear friends,

A year that started like any other ends very differently from the rest. A difficult year, which has tested many convictions and overturned others, but that was able – perhaps more than any other – to strengthen that precious bond that binds us.

Many of you managed not to miss your date at the San Pietro, some new friends joined the family, while many were unable to join us. It was a strange season, intense, but still beautiful. However, not being able to see those who have been dear to us for years was a very hard blow.

We are approaching Christmas and more than ever before, the holidays assume the values of unity and hope. We have been offered opportunities that bode well for the new year and we are confident of being able to return to embracing you all soon, in those carefree moments that are part of life for each of us and which, by their loss, cause us to rediscover how important they are.

Everything at San Pietro is done thinking of you. Without knowing it, you suggest the color of a room, the course for dinner or the route of the boat excursion. It is our home but in reality it is yours.

We celebrate the season with our family, continuing to do as we have always done: thinking about how to make your next visit another experience to remember. This is what makes us truly happy.

The most beautiful gifts are people and the most precious luxury is normality. For us, the magic of Christmas is this: to be close to you, as you are always with us.

Kindest wishes,

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