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50 years

15 May, 2019

Flight of the Bee Chic

The rotor blades stirred the treetops above San Pietro’s large cocktail terrace, as the helicopter positioned its cargo for a historic landing. Hotel guests and staff watched its progress from behind the safety of their bedroom windows and the lobby’s glass doors. The atmosphere was festive, abuzz with excitement. The Bee was in flight. Much like its namesake, this Bee was never built to fly and so the sight of an “Ape Piaggio” three-wheeler gliding through the air caused quite a stir.
The “Ape” (Italian for “bee”), is a retro classic, based on its close cousin the Vespa (“wasp”), and most commonly used as a lightweight transport vehicle for small merchandise. But the Ape landing on San Pietro’s terrace had been given a rather unique makeover, that had transformed it into a Bee Chic.‘Bee Chic is what happens when street food meets elegance’, the mini food truck’s creator, Alfonso Ferrara, explains. Working eight years at a top hotel’s champagne and oyster bar, triggered Alfonso’s big idea. Why not combine that same standard of luxury with the easy character of street food? Together with a friend, they kitted out an Ape Piaggio with a refrigerator, ice machine and cooker. People said they were crazy to combine sashimi, tartare, fried foods and a wine bar, all in one. Sometimes the best ideas seem crazy at first.
Bee Chic became an instant hit no matter where they parked it on the Amalfi Coast. In fact, the novel concept was such a success, that it was featured in popular television food shows and national newspapers like La Repubblica. Over the three years it traversed the length of the Costiera, Bee Chic continued growing in popularity and recognition. It would have carried on serving public demand indefinitely, were it not for bureaucracy finally shutting it down, to the disappointment and outrage of its many fans.So naturally, there was great excitement and emotion around the San Pietro’s decision to revive the Bee. ‘I have never witnessed a prouder moment,’ said one of the concierges when the three-wheeler made touchdown on the hotel’s iconic terrace.  People clapped and cheered and posed for photos with the Bee Chic. Alfonso could only smile. ‘It’s like a dream for me.’
His menu offers a fresh mix of light bites from around the world, giving guests a fun addition to our Carlino and Zass restaurants. But we need elaborate no further,  because it has now opened and is waiting for you out on the terrace. So without further ado, the San Pietro is proud to present, the one and only, Bee Chic.We hope you enjoy!BEE CHIC MENU:– Catch of the day tartare, Italy– Amberjack ceviche, Perù– Tuna tataki, Japan– Royal Crab roll, USA– Pastrami tapas, Israel– Vegan tapas, Indonesia– Quattrassaggi (4 tastings) 

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